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Country Music

Miniature Donkeys

SINCE 1985

We have bred, raised and trained over 26 National World Champions at Halter and Performance that have been purchased and shown  in the U.S. , Canada, Europe and New Zealand

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We are now accepting outside Breedings to our two herd sires Son's of Our National Champion Halter Jack,
Country Music George Jones.
The service fee for each is $750.
Please call for more detailed information.

Please feel free to call
our cell anytime!


CM's SONNY JAMES, son of our National Champion Halter Jack, GEORGE JONES
SONNY JAMES is dark brown, 27 1/2 inches"

This is a prepotent bloodline that has proven over the years to produce excellent show quality foals that have gentle and trusting dispositions.


We have carefully selected our fine brood jennets. These lovely jennets have excellent pedigrees, they are small, sturdy-boned and they also have beautiful refined heads.

Visit Our Herd Sires  to find out more about our outstanding sires.

The videos below shows our special imprinting program and being led through our obstacle course. We imprint at birth and work with our foals daily - halter, tie, lead through obstacles, groom, handle feet and ears, and acclimate to electric clippers. BY FOUR MONTHS OF AGE EACH FOAL HAS HAD APPROXIMATELY 30 HOURS OF INDIVIDUAL TRAINING.

We offer the  finest quality of miniature donkeys. They are completely gentle and loving  family companions.

Contact us for a Complimentary Information Packet.
Transportation Available World Wide!

Our Unique Donkey Training Program

We imprint at birth, and continue to work with our foals daily. We halter, tie, lead through our obstacle course, groom, handle feet and ears, and acclimate to electric clippers.

By 5 months of age our donkey weanlings
have over 30 hours of individual training and
are ready

and to be a treasured donkey companion.


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